Creating A More Secure Internet of Things

Quantum Resistant IoT Device Security

Unprotected IoT devices are an unacceptable risk

A new way to secure IoT device communications

Future-proof security for IoT devices that lowers costs

Problem: Security for IoT Devices

As command and control functions on IoT devices -- opening/closing valves, gates and doors, and flashing software updates -- become more commonplace, businesses and manufacturers no longer can afford the risk of unsecured IoT devices and/or communications.

IoT devices are getting smaller. Manufacturers require security solutions that fit on small footprint devices. With quantum computing just a few years away, organizations need to future-proof their IoT device security and data communications today.

Organizations are struggling to fit twenty-year-old encryption algorithms on small footprint IoT devices. These devices were never designed to fit standard security on board. And the lack of new security options available for these devices is causing concern, and delaying IoT deployments.

In a trillion-dollar market, there is much at stake for businesses and manufacturers.

Security is the number 1 concern inhibiting IoT deployment.
Despite the increased business opportunities IoT brings to an organization with increased data collection and business analytics, concern regarding security of early deployments has emerged as the leading impediment to new IoT projects by a wide margin, with 46.2% of 533 respondents to the VoTE IoT survey expressing concern (see figure).

Bar chart showing IoT security is #1 concern

70% of IoT devices are vulnerable to attack (HP Lab research)

Illustration of unsecured IoT devices

Solution: AgilePQ DEFEND

AgilePQ has developed a complete IoT device security and data communication software solution, AgilePQ DEFEND that fits in 2kB and can confidently:

  • Provision, Deploy, Identify, Authenticate, Authorize all IoT devices - no matter how small
  • Encrypt initial and on-going communications with post-quantum resistant security
  • Seamlessly integrate AgilePQ DEFEND security with an organization’s existing network and cloud infrastructure

With AgilePQ DEFEND™, businesses and IoT manufactures can secure IoT devices today and future-proof their environments for tomorrow.

AgilePQ DEFEND – Quantum resistant encryption IoT Device security that fits in just 2kB

Illustration showing how AgilePQ secures IoT devices



  • Consumes 50% - 80% less battery power than AES
  • Faster than hardware accelerated AES on all platforms
  • Performs Encode/Decode in half to one quarter the time required by AES
  • Most efficient security on the market
  • Tested and verified on a range of platforms

Implementation use case: IoT Device Manufacturers and Wi-Fi Router technology firms are using AgilePQ to extend life of their battery operated IoT devices.

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Small Footprint

  • 2kB dynamic RAM footprint fits anywhere
  • Runs on the smallest (class 0/1) microcontrollers
  • Efficient single-pass algorithm achieves key search spaces orders of magnitude greater than AES

Implementation use case: Large Global IoT Device Manufacturer using AgilePQ to save on operations cost by placing AgilePQ on their micro-controller, allowing them to remove second chip required to run AES. This IoT Device Manufacturer is also saving significant bandwidth costs using AgilePQ.

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  • Quantum resistant security
  • Code theory implementation of one-way function algorithms
  • Key that changes with every packet
  • Key search-space orders of magnitude greater than AES (10506 vs. 1077)

Implementation use case: American Gas Association actively investigating quantum resistant solutions for all new deployments. Large Utilities organization is designing AgilePQ DEFEND into their IoT architecture on >2M+ devices to achieve quantum resistant IoT Device Security.

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  • Key size can be tailored and optimized to communications environment
  • Introduces minimal to zero overhead
  • Can handle large data files or minimal block sizes – down to 4 bytes
  • Serial cipher capability to efficiently secure varying small size packets

Implementation use case: A heavy-haul rail company with a Positive Train Control (PTC) system has a fixed 247 bit packet size. Block ciphers typically being 16 or 32 byte blocks do not divide well into 247. AgilePQ technology has the agility to provide a key perfectly matching the 247 bit packet - delivering quantum resistant encryption without modifying the packet size.

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