Quantum Resistant Security
With Optimum Efficiency

Security tops the list of impediments for IoT deployment initiatives. With over 5 million new devices connecting to the Internet daily, the question is, "Can digital communication on these small, constrained devices and sensors be secured?"

It can with AgilePQ DEFEND.

Man connecting to IoT unsecured devices

What is AgilePQ DEFEND?

AgilePQ DEFEND efficiently secures data communications to and from constrained devices. AgilePQ C-code footprint will fit on micro-controllers of any size and is extremely efficient, consuming 50% to 80% less energy than legacy encryption. AgilePQ DEFEND introduces minimal overhead with an agile key size and is faster than all other options on the market. AgilePQ DEFEND is up to 30 times faster than standard security application to application, while delivering a key search space 429 orders of magnitude greater than AES 256.

Without AgilePQ DEFEND

Illustration showing unprotected IoT devices


Illustration showing how AgilePQ benefits and it's securing IoT devices

How does it work?

Until now, cryptographic solutions were based on numbers theory that requires more compute power to achieve higher levels of data obfuscation (or a larger key size and search-space). AgilePQ DEFEND provides patented new methodologies for protecting digital communication to and from constrained devices. The methodology stems from research in securing digital communications with UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles). After retiring from the military, AgilePQ’s Chief Science Officer developed “Optimized Code Table” methodologies. AgilePQ DEFEND uses ‘code-theory’ – or the application of algorithms enacted through computer processors as code to efficiently produce extremely large key search spaces in a factorial range.

Our discoveries of applying code-tables to data conversion with the design-goal of protecting data transmission from constrained devices led to the development of AgilePQ DEFEND. The company has been in stealth mode for the past two years refining and testing the code. We have multiple patents on the technology and have been vetted by national laboratories, universities, and industry experts. AgilePQ is working toward lightweight cryptography NIST certification for constrained devices. AgilePQ DEFEND for IoT is not only a secure solution for digital communication on constrained devices: it provides quantum resistant levels of security as well.

Illustration showing the 4 steps AgilePQ needs to secure IoT devices