AgilePQ DEFEND for Manufacturing

Manufacturing organizations are using IoT solutions to monitor equipment, improve field service operations, and leverage data for predictive analytics. These organizations have compelling reasons to implement AgilePQ DEFEND at the endpoint.

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Legacy perimeter security is no longer enough to defend against cyber attacks on industrial control systems and manufacturing floor machinery. Until AgilePQ DEFEND, many small devices and sensors have been left unencrypted up to the gateway, sending unprotected data in the clear. Now, every data communication from every sensor or device, no matter how small, can be protected from the point of origin.

AgilePQ DEFEND provides quantum resistant level security for every sensor or device, making extremely high-level security available on all sensors and devices.

Without AgilePQ DEFEND for Manufacturing

Illustration showing an unsecured SCADA environment

With AgilePQ DEFEND for Manufacturing

Illustration showing how AgilePQ benefits and it's securing SCADA environments

AgilePQ DEFEND Application in SCADA Environments

AgilePQ DEFEND takes just 2kB of RAM while operating, securing PLC’s, RTU’s, human machine interfaces (HMI’s), and SCADA systems, protecting all digital transmission from the endpoint device to the gateway or directly to cloud platforms in use by manufacturing facilities, water, electric and gas utilities, oil refineries, and transportation organizations.

Illustration showing how AgilePQ secures SCADA environments

AgilePQ DEFEND minimizes overhead for manufacturers with limited available bandwidth. The efficient algorithm implementation is 30x faster than AES 256, with an agile key size that is configurable to fit within any environment. AgilePQ DEFEND is simple and seamless to deploy in any environment, whether sensors are being newly installed or have been deployed and in operation for years.