AgilePQ for Microsoft Azure IoT

AgilePQ worked with Microsoft in Redmond and Singapore to create a solution for secure data ingestion from small footprint IoT Devices directly into Microsoft Azure IoT.

AgilePQ for Microsoft Azure

AgilePQ's partnership with Microsoft allows Azure customers to put AgilePQ DEFEND directly on their IoT Devices enabling quantum resistant levels of security from their small sensors and devices directly to the Cloud. This secures the IoT Device as well as the data communications from the device directly into Azure via the Protocol Gateway and IoT Hub.

On the Azure side, Microsoft integrated AgilePQ DEFEND's code into the Microsoft Protocol Gateway. This allows customer’s IoT devices to directly connect to Azure via the Protocol Gateway using AgilePQ DEFEND quantum resistant secure and efficient algorithms. This solution also supports use of a refined, industry recommended MQTT protocol, thus providing a direct and secure method to ingest data from small constrained IoT devices directly into Azure for data analytics.

Quantum Resistant secure data ingestion direct from device to cloud on all IoT devices and sensors. No matter how small.

Illustration showing how AgilePQ secures a Microsoft Azure for IoT environment