AgilePQ for Device Manufacturers

Data Efficiency over Cellular Backhaul

AgilePQ DEFEND: designed for quick, easy, and secure IoT deployment.

AgilePQ DEFEND for Device Manufacturers

With security as the number one reason enterprise customers are delaying IoT deployment, device manufacturers can help break this roadblock by offering their devices with quantum resistant security integrated ‘out of the box’. Incorporating AgilePQ DEFEND in the device firmware enables manufacturers to leverage the core benefits which include: extended battery performance in the presence of encryption; minimal code footprint leaving plenty of room for customer applications; data efficiency for low bandwidth environments; and a security solution that will survive the advent of quantum computing.

The AgilePQ DEFEND server code can easily be loaded on any gateway, and is already available on public clouds, ensuring enterprise customers can confidently deploy IoT devices and connect them directly to their existing network. Key to this operation is the ability to quickly provision and on-board the devices. Device manufacturers will be able to provide customers with an AgilePQ provisioning tool designed for these small-footprint devices which can be self-branded, or integrated with existing deployment tools used by the enterprise customer.

Many constrained devices will be sending small packets of data. Legacy standards require 16 or 32 byte blocks. If the data packet from the device does not fit exactly these block sizes, the data must be padded to fill-out the 16 or 32 byte block.

With AgilePQ, the key size will adapt to the exact data size and minimize padding (overhead). With this implementation, the customer only pays the cellular provider for the data generated, not for the padded irrelevant bits that AES would require. AgilePQ’s agility in key size saves cost when using cellular backhaul based solutions.

AgilePQ’s low overhead also minimizes data charges when connecting over Cellular Backhaul directly device to Cloud.

Illustration showing how AgilePQ secures a Microsoft Azure for IoT environment

Or for device to Gateway, then cellular to Cloud or Data Center.

Illustration showing how AgilePQ secures connections between IoT devices to the Cloud or data center