AgilePQ - The IoT Device Security Company

Agile Post-Quantum Genesis

AgilePQ began with research by a very bright Air Force Colonel specializing in military and satellite communications. He spent years researching methods for improving secure communication links with UAV’s (unmanned aerial vehicles), including the Star Wars program.

Years followed, and the Colonel retired from the military, but his passion for research and discovery carried on. In 2015 a team of industry experts was formed to take the initial AgilePQ patents for Optimized Code Table Signaling and transform this invention into solutions solving some of today’s toughest data communication challenges.

Today, AgilePQ owns 7 issued U.S. Patents, and 8 pending.

All the improvements listed below stem from a new method of data communications:


  • Protecting small constrained IoT device communication to create complete end-to-end system protection that is exponentially more secure than current alternatives.
  • Enabling data from small devices to be ingested directly into the cloud for rapid analytics and business decisions.
  • Increasing device efficiency that vastly improves IoT device longevity via reduced power usage.
  • Securing data communications where there is no compute stack to protect communication within legacy infrastructure for rail lines, utilities, and other industries with unique infrastructure requirements.


  • Increasing signal range in limited bandwidth environments.
  • Providing the ability to pull signal out of noise, fine tune signal priority in noisy environments.


  • Increasing memory density while reducing read fatigue.

Industry and Expert Validation

Global Network and Lab Validation Completed by:

  • Innovation Lab for which AgilePQ demonstrated its functionalities, security, and the improved DCM Performance when compared to AES256.
  • University of New South Wales (World Leader for Red-Team Attack Competitions) inserted 32 million packets with no collisions.
  • AgilePQ architecture and integration document were reviewed and approved by Advanced Services Labs.
  • UCSD Cryptography Professors Evaluated for Mathematical Proof: “No Known Attack Surface.”
  • University of Nebraska-Omaha Cryptography: Three Years of Red Team Assaults – No Breaks.
  • Ponemon Institute: Nuclear Physicist Red Team Assault – No Breaks.
University of Nebraska-Omaha
Ponemon Institute
University of New South Wales
University of California San Diego

What does "Agile Post-Quantum" mean?

The idea for the Agile Post-Quantum (AgilePQ) name came from a world-leading cryptographer, who when asked to describe the company in three words, said: “Agile Post-Quantum.” Agility in reference to the key size and Post-Quantum in reference to the factorial key search space.